7:00 pm
Screening of the film “Outtakes From The Life Of A Happy Man” by Jonas Mekas at the Zita Folkets Bio cinema in Stockholm
Sweden, Stockholm
Sweden, Stockholm

Art House Cinema Zita Folkets Bio,
Birger Jarlsgatan 37,
111 45 Stockholm, Sweden


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Jonas Meka’s birth, Film i Samtidskonsten is showing his film “Outtakes From The Life Of A Happy Man” (2012) at the Zita cinema in Stockholm.

Jonas Mekas sits with his projector and looks at images from his life. It’s a huge material, almost impossible to appreciate the scope of. According to a recently published catalogue of his work, there are 92 finished (and unfinished) films. As long as Jonas Mekas was alive, he was reworking and creating. In the film “Outtakes From The Life Of A Happy Man”, he collects the fragments that make up life. 

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