Through Nov 20
“My Own Private Mekas” film program at Experimental Media Art Festival
Taiwan, Taipei
Taiwan, Taipei

Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre,
No.2, Ln. 5, Guling St., Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei City 100, Taiwan


This year EX!T 12 presents “My Own Private Mekas” – a retrospective program of the centennial celebration of Jonas Mekas’s life long work. In EX!T 12 we focus on the films of Jonas Mekas that have rarely been known or screened for general audience. Besides the importance of Jonas Mekas as a diary filmmaker and the godfather of avant-garde cinema, our 9 selected films represent and highlight a different part of Meka’s filmmaking career and his overall oeuvre, which connect and emphasize his relationships with experimental film, contemporary art, home movie, and Hollywood. The program we present this year is a private landscape of Jonas Mekas and his own private Lithuania, or his own private Ithaca.

Films to be screened: “Reminiscences from Germany” (2012); “Notes on an American Film Director at Work” (2005); “Notes on an American Film Director at Work: Martin Scorsese” (2005); “Letters to Friends…From Nowhere #1”; “A Walk” (1990); “Quartet number one” (1991); “Reminiszenzen Aus Deutschland” (2013); “Autobiography of a Man” (2000); A Few Notes on the Factory (1999); ‎In Between (1978); “The Education of Sebastian or Egypt Regained” (1992).

Curator: Yung-Hao Liu
Co-curator: Ming-Yu Lee

Watch the trailer of the programme here.

A complete list of screenings and the programme is available here.