Still from film "Quartet Number 1" (1991) by Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas’ special program at Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin film festival

To honor Jonas Mekas’ memory, we present a special program, dedicated to the exceptional artist. Apart from the Jonas Mekas Retrospective: Short Films (1966-2002), it includes an audiovisual performance inspired by Mekas’ film “As I was Moving Ahead I saw brief Glimpses of Beauty” (2000), performed by Julius Zubavičius, and the talk “I Make Home Videos Therefore I Live”.

Artist Denisas Kolomyckis, will give a talk about Jonas Mekas, performances and documentation of processes, friends and practices that have followed through the last ten years of Jonas. Talk will be open for questions and possible discussions about Jonas Mekas‘ films together with the presentation of the current practices of Denisas. Artist will share his experience and stories on life in New York and works that have been highly influenced by Mekas.

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The "491 Broadway Installation" at Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, 2013. Courtesy of the Estate of Jonas Mekas.

A glimpse into the installations of Jonas Mekas at Jonas Mekas Studio

On the centennial anniversary of the birth of Jonas Mekas, the Monira Foundation presents a year-long celebration of the pioneering filmmaker’s works and life at Mana Contemporary’s Jersey City location.

September 11 afternoon will feature three installations by the late poet, filmmaker and artist, Jonas Mekas (1922-2019).

– “Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR” (four-channel video installation, 2009);

– “Destruction Quartet” (four-channel video installation, 2006);

– “491 Broadway” (Sound installation with table and chairs, 2009).

More information on this event is available here.


Exhibition “Jonas Mekas… up close and far away…” at the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center

“I don’t know if I write poems… When I shoot, I don’t make films. I just film, film, film. The same is with my writing. I write, I write, I write… Is it poetry or prose? Or nothing? I don’t think about it at all, it doesn’t matter in any way. I just write, write, write…” – Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas was captured in various circumstances on video and photo cameras in the diaries of friends and other curious people. The audiovisual installation „Jonas Mekas, more closely and from further away” consists of different extremely personal fragments of video and photo diaries of Arūnas Kulikauskas, Chihiro Ito, and Saulius Paukštys, where the main character is Mekas, a poet, a filmmaker and an artist of life. Arūnas Kulikauskas recorded Jonas Mekas in 1998 on the roof of his house in New York, reading his then unpublished poetry. The New York-based artist Chihiro Ito visited Mekas in 2018 and interviewed him about his work, life, and FLUXUS. Photographer Saulius Paukštys captured the meeting with Jonas Mekas in one of New York bars in 2007.

Exhibition is curated by Gintaras Sodeika.

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Still from the film “As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses Of Beauty” (2000) by Jonas Mekas

Exhibition “To New York With Love” and screening at the ART-O-RAMA

Programmed by The Film Gallery on the occasion of the celebration of its centenary, the exhibition “To New York With Love” presents 21 offset lithographs and the screening of the film “As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses Of Beauty” (2000) by Jonas Mekas.

The 21 offset lithographs, “To New York With Love”, is a sensitive tribute to the city, a gift of poetic reminiscences to its viewers. Mekas’s images – which range from seemingly banal pictures of teens playing in Central Park to Rockefeller Center’s bedazzled Christmas tree – retain the compositional form of the film strip.

The film “As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses Of Beauty” (2000) by Jonas Mekas will be screened on 28 August, at the Petit Plateau (ART-O-RAMA), at 14:00 PM.

More information to follow.

NU Arts and Community festival in Novara

Screening of “As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty” at NU Arts and Community festival in Novara

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jonas Mekas, the newly restored version of the 4-hour feature film “As I was moving ahead occasionally I saw brief glimpses of beauty” presented in 2000 at the London Film Festival will be presented, reconstructing the Lithuanian director, poet and artist’s filmic activity of over 30 years.

The screening is introduced by Andrea Lissoni, curator of the “Moving Images” project for NU.

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Jonas Mekas, 2000. Photo by Arūnas Kulikauskas

Photo exhibition on Jonas Mekas at the Estonian House Stockholm

A joint photo exhibition portraying Jonas Mekas is open to public at Estonian House in Stockholm (from 12.00 to 15.00) presenting the moments of his life from two perspectives.

“The Frozen Light of Jonas Mekas” portrays photos taken by Mekas’ wife Hollis Melton, frozen images from Mekas’ films, and drawings. The images show the most important and dearest people to this filmmaker – including his wife, kids, his parents and relatives. As well as his friends from the art world – Andy Warhol, John Lennon together with Yoko Ono, and George Mačiūnas.

The second part of the joint exhibition “Everyday Life of Jonas” is showcasing images by the photographer Arūnas Kulikauskas, who had worked with Mekas for over 10 years. Over the time spent together, he managed to capture images of the legendary filmmaker at his home, in bars, and in the streets of New York.

Jonas Mekas

Exhibition “As Far As I Can See ” at the SIC! BWA Wrocław Gallery

In a 2019 interview, asked by Hans Ulrich Olbricht about projects he did not complete, Jonas Mekas answered: “When I turn 100, I want to go to the Himalayas, to Tibet. We’ll talk about it in 2023, when I’m back.” If he was still alive, he would be celebrating his hundredth birthday this year, and probably making the trip he dreamt about. But the voyage he planned remained an idea, fantasy of a potential future which may give meaning to the present moment. Perhaps for Mekas the world’s highest peaks were always just a vision belonging to the realm of unfulfilled dreams which pushed the artist towards continuing development, further mental and artistic journeys.

The artistic duo Emanuel Geisser and Kama Sokolnicka celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Lithuanian-born artist’s birth with an exhibition about travel, movement, light and dreams which are to remain unfulfilled.

Exhibition is curated by Joanna Kobyłt.

More information available here.

Poster by Lucie de Bréchard of the fashion collection "Turgus" by Vaida Voraitė

Fashion show of Vaida Voraitė’s new collection inspired by Jonas Mekas

On 25 June Vaida Voraitė, a designer from Biržai currently living and working in Berlin, will present her new clothing collection “Turgus” inspired by life and work of Jonas Mekas. The exhibition will focus on the collection, including linen fabrics made in Lithuania, masculinity and gender changes in society. The Biržai Central Market Square will become a professional catwalk that will not only be walked by professional models, but also by local people together with guests from abroad.

On 26 June Vaida Voraitė will invite you to visit the showroom at the “Portfolio Gallery” (Rotušės g. 12) in Biržai. The showroom will provide an opportunity to get a closer look to the newly launched collection, to talk to the designer and order the garment you want.

"The Brig" (1964) by Jonas Mekas

“Happy Birthday, Jonas Mekas!”. Screening of “The Brig” at Sprengel Museum Hannover

On the occasion of Jonas Mekas’ 100th birthday, the Sprengel Museum Hannover honors the artist by presenting his films in an exhibition space during the year.

From 17 June to 31 July the visitors of  museum will have an opportunity to watch the film by Jonas Mekas “The Brig” (1964). Film starts at 10:30 / 12:00 / 13:30 / 15:00 / 16:30 / 18:00.

From 5 August to 11 September the film “Lost, Lost, Lost” (1976) will be on display.

For more information visit the link here.